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View Diary: Associated Press reporter's error-filled exposé of the Solidarity Sing Along (51 comments)

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  •  Gee, that first lunch counter protest (14+ / 0-)

    didn't go so well.  Maybe we should cancel the
    Freedom ride and the march to Selma and "get on" with our lives.

    Collective bargaining is an internationally-acknowledged human right (Universal Declaration of Human Rights). The denial of our collective bargaining rights is cause for ongoing protest.

    Some of us remember being locked out of our Capitol building by this governor WHILE business was in session.  The right of the people to access their public buildings, their representatives and to witness public business being done is also in jeopardy.  That's another cause for protest.

    And there are many others, including the appearance of corruption in the Walker administration.

    There will be protests so long as there is conviction that our rights and our welfare are in jeopardy.

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