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View Diary: The manufacturing 'skills gap' is really a good employer gap (16 comments)

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  •  I've seen worse (5+ / 0-)

    Still looking myself.

    I've had three offers now in the past two years.  Each of these offers would have cost me money.

    Yes. I would end up spending more to take the job than if I stay at home and continue looking.

    The first was on the other side of the Dallas-Ft Worth for a minimum wage temp job doing data entry. The second was for a proofreading gig on 2nd shift that paid a little bit over minimum, and the third was a 2nd shift data entry gig that had a 50 cent premium for being second shift.

    I am simply looking at the cost of gas and daycare (as needed) and the jobs were net losses, before any taxes.  

    I'm not on unemployment, but I can can not bring myself to the point that I am paying to go to work. I just can't.

    It is a simple line that I won't cross.

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