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View Diary: Eric Cantor plays good cop, bad cop on Norquist's pledge ... all by himself (37 comments)

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  •  Loopholes or Tax Rate (3+ / 0-)
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    OldDragon, SpawnOfJerry, wbr

    What the hell is the difference if both or either end up with you paying more tax? Is the tax dollar you pay because of closing loopholes any less expensive than those you pay by increasing the tax rate? The logic escapes me.
    This is the same Republican bs about public and private sector jobs. Someone tell me if public sector employees spend their $$$ on some other planet!!!
    I realize how closing loopholes WILL effect middle and low income families. But if you Mr. Republican are trying to make the case that Warren Buffet will pay the same amount of tax whether through loophole closure or tax rate hike, isn't that still paying MORE tax??? So in your world, doesn't that still punish the "job creators"?? Isn't raising the marginal tax rate the simplest method?

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