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View Diary: ACM: Working Class Self-Activity III: Walmart Workers Rising & the Prospects for Radical Politics (51 comments)

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  •  Glad to hear about the international solidarity. (2+ / 0-)
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    NY brit expat, JayRaye

    Not surprised that it occurred in the production end of the business for many reasons, including the fire, the relation of the workers to the means of production in the secondary sector,etc.

    To be honest, I'm currently in Mexico where they built a great big Walmart right next to a MEGA store (Mexican equivalent) = obviously trying to drive MEGA out of business.  Have been talking up the Black Friday strike. Fact is, the Mexicans here still adore Walmart -- its prices are slightly higher than MEGA and goods are slightly better than MEGA (so I've been told - I shop at MEGA and haven't been in Walmart for obvious reasons.)  When I ask workers about wages, they seem to think they are about the same in both stores  (am trying to do a survey on this). When I talked to the Mexican family I am staying with about supporting Mexican businesses they agree, but as the madre de casa says "the products at Walmart are so good."

    Am not saying all this to be negative, just reporting the current situation in another area. Am sure there are still many in the States who still feel this way too.

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