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  •  What Murray omits. (7+ / 0-)

    I followed your link and went on to read the Charles Murray piece. His thesis:

    My thesis is that the GOP is in trouble across the electoral board because it has become identified in the public mind with social conservatism.

    At the end of the article he defines perceptions of social conservatism as : “ Bible-thumping, anti-gay, anti-abortion creationists.” (As an aside, Murray describes these perceptions as “ludicrously inaccurate.” To which I would say: Really? Read the GOP party platform.)

    In other words, entrepreneurial, industrious Asians would be Republicans if not for wedge issues.

    Conspicuously missing from Murray’s analysis is any reference at all to racism in the GOP. Isn’t that the elephant in the room? As the saying goes, not all Republicans are racists but most racists are Republicans. The GOP may not pursue explicitly racist policies as much anymore but no one can argue that they are not above exploiting racial animus in the electorate for political gain.

    When someone like Newt Gingrich calls Obama “the food stamp President” or some Republican talks about ‘anchor babies’ everybody hears that – not just the white people who appeals to racial resentment are supposed to work on. Republicans don’t typically target Asians with racist rhetoric but what do you imagine they think when they hear other non-whites being disparaged?

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    by Joe Bob on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 02:19:27 PM PST

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