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  •  Yes, but... The Jindahl Rubio question (1+ / 0-)
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    One of the things you said was more important than others: "they aren't idiots—they hear the hateful shit conservatives say about them".

    So, its the patronizing attitude that they hate most!

    If you look at the numbers you provided, almost all of them are less polarized than the actual election results among Hispanics.

    So, what would happen to our progressive cause if Bobby Jindahl and Marco Rubio were the candidates for president and VP next time around? Would the republicans need to change as much? I doubt it. The repubs are pretty good at dressing up pigs with lipstick.

    The answer for us will be the usual Jefferson answer: "In order to improve democracy you have to have more democracy".

    Some of my fellow Democrats need to clean up their act as far as their patronizing attitude towards immigrants and minorities is concerned. Where are our VP and president potential candidates among Hispanics and other minorities?

    As an immigrant, I can tell you that there is a LONG WAY to go for progressives.

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