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  •  Very good points on the Asian American experience (0+ / 0-)

    Oh yes, I like to think of Vietnamese as "Asian Cubans" when it comes to politics.  They have often voted heavily Republican and will often battle each other on anti-Communism in a petty way.  Over here in San Jose there is a Vietnamese-American politician called Madison Nguyen who tried to compromise over the naming of a Vietnamese section called "Little Saigon" vs. Saigon Business District. Well, Ms. Nguyen opted for the latter as being less exclusively Vietnamese and the hardliners started screaming for her scalp, got death threats, and targeted her with a recall election (which she survived).  

    Unfortunately, the politics became just petty/personal, rather than over issues, and she is still, sadly, a figure for division in the Viet community.  

    That said, the younger Vietnamese community, like the Cubans, are less likely to be animated by anti-Ho Chi Minh appeals, and look to more bread and butter issues.  They are also more likely to vote Democratic than their elders.  

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