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  •  COSTCO Hot dogs which they make themselves (8+ / 0-)

    were Julia Childs favorites. Then we go and have lunch with snacking all the samples they are promo-ing.

    The work goes on, the cause endures, the hope still lives and the dreams shall never die. ~ Edward M. (Ted) Kennedy

    by cherie clark on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 01:03:14 PM PST

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    •  I admit (5+ / 0-)

      that I sometimes go out of my way to Costco for something simple just so I can pick up a hot dog and soda for $1.50.  I know I shouldn't eat them but they are the best.

      I have also discovered that the life expectancy of the big container of the Kirkland peanut butter filled pretzels around my 12 and 8 year old kids is about 36 hours.

      The thing I love about Costco is that they sell the Kirkland generic brand.  I had found that the other warehouse stores offer great prices on name brand items, which I rarely buy (I'm cheap and poor), I could usually find a better deal on a generic version from the regular grocery store.

      The other things I love about Costco is that they have pre-made food that is good (in addition to being cheap and poor, I am lazy).  The Calzones are really good and they come ready to go in the oven.  My wife also loves the sushi (yuk).    

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