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View Diary: Teacher: "You Can't Be A Democrat & Go To Heaven" (38 comments)

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  •  Since this is High school, not college, I doubt (4+ / 0-)

    it was a course in "logic", especially since we are talking about Laurel county...LOL. That is south-central Kentucky, London area. That said, I am hard pressed to find a "context" in which such a statement would be "acceptable" in public schools, much less allowing other students who protested such statements to get bullied by other students and (according to the student) the teacher.

    Per the Huffpo link...

    "...Gilbert says that her daughter was ridiculed for trying to defend other students in the class, and no longer wants to go back to school, now opting to be home schooled. The mother says that the teen was subject to name calling and bullying, and she believes that her daughter was bullied by the teacher.

    Upon investigation, district officials found the the teacher in violation of a district policy that charges teachers with the responsibility to maintain positive learning environments that are fostered by mutual respect and trust. Bennett says that Baker, who has been a high school teacher for 17 years, was reprimanded for her actions, but will continue teaching in her classroom..."

    So clearly she acted against school policy, per their investigation into the incident.

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