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View Diary: Senate Rs mad that Senate Ds might pass filibuster reform they agree with (98 comments)

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    the Democrats don't have a mandate for filibuster reform and that is overreach. They have a mandate for a second chance to get taxes fairer and jobs created, if they put consolidating power over both of those then 2014 will be painful.

    Here's how it will play out:

    -The Dems make a unilateral move to change long standing Senate procedures to weaken the filibuster.

    -The GOP throws a hissy fit, noting 2 things which are 100% correct: 1. This has never been done before and 2. What about jobs? jobs? jobs? (You can bitch about how they're opposition is also unprecedented--but two things--they are not in charge and that was the past--this is a brand new Congress.)

    -The effectiveness of those talking points will unite Congressional GOP to stop the Dem power grab--aka all of these soft "I was wrong" quotes coming from GOP Senators stop and the vitriol will return tenfold.

    -The public support weakens as the GOP effectively defines the Dem move as a power grab, misinterpreting the 2012 elections, and not focusing on jobs.

    -The Dems cave as moderate Dems like Landrieu, Conneley, Manchin and some 2014ers who are facing tough battles distance themselves from the power grab.

    -The first battle of the new congress is an embarrassing Dem defeat that was entirely self-inflicted.

    -The entrenched and unified Congressional GOP now raise their demands for the Fiscal Cliff discussions.

    This story has played out before, you folks really need lessons on when to choose your battles.

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