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View Diary: Senate Rs mad that Senate Ds might pass filibuster reform they agree with (98 comments)

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    Here's how I'd reform it:

    (1) Bills would come to the floor in order first by number of Senators sponsoring the bill, and second to that in the order they go in the hopper.

    (2) There would be no motion to proceed, they would simply come up in priority order as above when the previous bill came to a final vote.

    (3) Each Senator would be given one one-hundreth of the floor time available for debate. They could talk their whole time on one bill or split it over a number of bills. When they ran out of time, they'd shut up.

    (4) All bills and all amendments to bills would be decided by majority rule (with the VP breaking ties, as it says in that old, musty document).

    (5) To get an amendment considered, you'd have to get a majority vote to consider it.

    (6) If a minority wanted to prevent a bill from being passed by the Senate, they'd have to convince a majority that their rights were being violated by it.

    I think if I went to the Republicans with this proposal, I could probably get a reasonable compromise out of them. But, if not, well, there's always the first day of the session.

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