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  •  I got quite a few sweet potatoes the (5+ / 0-)
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    other day because they were $0.25/pound.  There is a trick to cooking them so that they are always very sweet.  Here is the deal.

    Sweet potatoes store their energy as starch, but have an enzyme that converts it to sugar.  The trick is that this enzyme becomes active at about 130 degrees F and is denatured at about 170 degrees F.  If you have time, put them in the oven (I like to wrap them in foil after scrubbing) and set it to the lowest setting (the lowest setting on mine is 170) for an hour or two.  Since air is a very poor heat exchange medium, it takes a long time to get the whole thing up to 170.  If you need the oven, you can put them, unwrapped, in a kettle of water at 150 degrees F and keep the temperature around there by turning on the heat now and then.  Use a thermometer to make sure that the water does not hit 170 degrees, since water is an excellent heat exchange medium.  We are looking about 45 minutes using this method.  Then wrap them in foil.

    For either case, crank the oven to around 400 degrees F and cook them until they are soft.  Sweet potatoes are forgiving of overcooking; it just caramelizes some of the sugar and adds flavor.  Add butter and salt, and enjoy!

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