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View Diary: Heathens, rejoice: Rick Santorum offers an early Christmas present (162 comments)

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    could he also bring back Rick "Oops!" Perry and--my personal favorite wingnut, ever--Alan Keyes? Sort of like how Project Runway brings back losers for an all-star show, the Reps could have all-nut debates? Maybe ask Steve Forbes back (we can find out if he ever learned how to blink). If they need new nuts, Donald Trump would likely oblige. Victoria Jackson, too, if they want some flakes in the nut mix & Bachmann's busy. And if Scarborough runs, then Palin should too, to revive "Say it ain't so, Joe." If they need an even 9 9 9, then of course Herman Cain, too--I'll be jonesing for his political ads by then.

    "I find myself at a loss for unsubpoenaed words." Stephen Colbert

    by scilicet on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 05:44:39 PM PST

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