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View Diary: Heathens, rejoice: Rick Santorum offers an early Christmas present (162 comments)

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  •  It would be fun to eavesdrop on GOP (0+ / 0-)

    heavy-hitters and Strategy Guys to learn who among their possible 2016 prospects they think are winners.

    Their 2012 primary field is a poor place to start.  

    The fundamentalist Christian far Right offered a patchwork endorsement of Santorum, but mostly it looked as if they didn't think he could win the nomination.  They backed Bachman for a while, then she faded.  They backed Perry, then he fell ass over teacups down the basement stairs.  And one day they woke up and Santorum lost Iowa -- no, wait, he won Iowa -- but only after the primary night's headlines went to Romney.

    Santorum never quite took off.  Not sure how he takes off in 2016 either.  He doesn't seem to have fund-raising power and his appeal among primary-voting Republicans is wobbly.  

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