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View Diary: Walmart Employees Kill Another Alleged Shoplifter (256 comments)

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    choked. Bad thing, certainly. But what does it tell us about Walmart? This is not about liberal vs. conservative - this is about math and statistics. Walmart has 9,000 stores and 2.2 million employees. They are so huge that at any time of the day you can assume that over one million people (between workers and customers) are at a Walmart right now. So everything that happens to people happens at a Walmart - people die, people are born, probably some number of people are conceived every day at Walmarts. And at each store, they probably apprehend several shoplifters a week, maybe a lot more. So you are talking about a company that catches over one million shoplifters a year. Thus when you hear about a couple of them getting killed by bad security people, it's fine to be sad, but it is difficult actually extrapolate that into something meaningful about the corporation.

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