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View Diary: CNN poll: If fiscal cliff talks fail, Republicans will be to blame (89 comments)

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    The continued posturing of the Right(wrong) party is to say that we need to cut entitlements AND that their attempt to appease their base in the short term is neither cute nor quaint.  It is a full force, no holds barred public display of wingnuttia entrer en scène that will give the troops something to coalesce around.

    They can't seem to fathom that continuing to beat the same drum, and pushing full-speed-forward on a losing narrative isn't going to work for them.

    Or, can they?

    Watch closely for the next few weeks.  Listen closely.  I know it hurts, but tune into the Entertainment News Channel that cannot be named and watch them start moderating their pissyness with the R Senators and Rep's that start speaking Nordquist blaspheme.

    They are going to cave.  It's up to the President to come out and say that everything is on the table, once again.  Yet he should back it up by mentioning that the Republican claim that Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Benefits, etc. are NOT the entitlement to which the Republicans continually refer to them to be.  It is also up to the Senate Democratic office holders to do the same.

    You Paid For This!

    Say it!  Say it proud, say it loud!

    That is my bumper sticker for today.  And my prediction for this month.  

    Obama in 2012: Because There Might Not Be Much Left by 2016

    by funluvn1 on Mon Nov 26, 2012 at 02:41:37 PM PST

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