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View Diary: CNN poll: If fiscal cliff talks fail, Republicans will be to blame (89 comments)

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    What would be truly delicious would be to see a whole raft of recall elections in the districts whose Republican reps work to raise taxes on everyone, especially the poor.  You really think that would happen?  You don't suppose the damfools in their districts really LOVE these guys, do you?  Nah, didn't think so.  Otherwise they would vote for the other parties from time to time.

    While I'm at it, one more thing:  "...36% saying taxes on such high earners should be kept low because they invest their money in the private sector and that helps the economy and creates jobs."  Now just where are the wealthy fat cats creating those jobs?  In China and India!  The last time I looked, China and India aren't the United States.

    Go for it, Obama and Democrats!  Let those fat suckers feel the pain for once!

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