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View Diary: University of Colorado: Guns Laws Exacerbate Dorm Shortage (127 comments)

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    "So far, no one has moved," CU spokesman Ken McConnellogue said.

    A multitude of things could explain the lack of interest. The population of students with permits is minuscule, so it could be that none with a permit is living in a dorm.
    But it's also possible not everyone who is armed is being forthcoming.

    There are students with permits attending both campuses, McConnellogue said.

    "I'm not surprised," said David Burnett, spokesman for Students for Concealed Carry. "You've proven you're legally, responsibly and morally able to carry, then the college comes back and tells you you've got to move.
    "What would you do?"

    Students with permits who choose to live in an unapproved dorm are not allowed to have their weapons on their person or in their rooms, according to policy.

    "We have to trust students will honor all provisions of resident-hall conduct until we see otherwise," McConnellogue said.

    This in response to a situation where a paid staff member, not a student, experienced an accidental discharge injuring a fellow staffer.

    (Am I the only person who saw Anschutz and wondered what do Austrian Firearms and Dentistry have to do with one another?)

    The concealed-carry issue was forced back into the spotlight this month when a staff member with a concealed-carry permit at the School of Dental Medicine on the Anschutz Medical campus accidentally shot a co-worker while showing her gun.

    Both of the staffers were injured in the incident, but neither was hospitalized, police said.
    The gun owner is no longer employed by the university, and charges were filed, according to police.

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