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  •  I suspect we have not yet completely (24+ / 0-)

    understood the significance of 85 freshmen in the House in 2011. That was the second largest turnover ever. Lots of old-timers got retired in primaries. 19 of the 85 had been in office over ten years. In other words, a lot of seniority went out the window. The Tea Party folk actually had a legitimate beef--i.e. that the problem was in the legislative branch. They just didn't quite get the nature of the problem and the replacement they sent, having come from the same stable (the chambers of commerce, professional churners), were just as venal and incompetent, albeit less compliant, than the ones they replaced. None of the delayed legislation, which was supposed to be rescinded in 2011, got rescinded because the newcomers didn't understand that had been the agenda all along and Boehner couldn't round them up to do the job. Legislators in 2010 didn't bother to read the ACA or Dodd/Frank because they fully intended to repeal it after the election. That the electorate didn't understand that the law was merely being as a tool to reward and punish didn't register because the Congress had been doing it for so long. The old timers also didn't appreciate that some of the money bags like the Koch Brothers had gotten tired of being jerked around. (Environmental regulations that keep being changed to advantage one industry or another aren't actually good for anyone, but the legislators who employ them to benefit or punish their supporters).
    Remember all the kerfuffle over "clean coal"? Well, the Koch Brothers invested in the technology to reduce carbon emissions and other pollutants. Then what happened? Natural gas got the green light and toxic wastes got pumped underground (a real two-fer) while we were all still staring at the sky. How did that happen? Legislative loopholes and states' persistent refusal to regulate ground water resources for public purposes. That would be socialism, don't you know? Socialism is any obligation we exact from the privates for public purposes. (You can read that anyway you like).

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 02:33:27 AM PST

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