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View Diary: Remember when Mitt Romney was going to win Michigan? (301 comments)

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    vcmvo2, sethtriggs

    the guy that lost to Ben Cardin in Maryland by 25 and didn't have enough money to run a single TV ad is planning to run for governor in 2014 lol

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      I hadn't heard that! I will have to keep track and absolutely make sure once again that the Dem wins. Is this why whiny Bob Ehrlich popped up to write another stupid editorial in the Sun about how bad the Democrats are?

      I absolutely hate him. Maybe Bob intends to run again because this time he won't have to fight O'Malley...LOL

      In our sleep, pain which cannot forget falls drop by drop upon the heart until, in our own despair, comes wisdom through the awful grace of God ~RFK

      by vcmvo2 on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 09:16:48 AM PST

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        barring some meltdown by whoever the democratic candidate is in 2014 (and they could literally nominate anybody and it wouldn't really matter), no republican can win statewide. And they have nobody with any statewide name recognition that could run. All of the republicans in the legislature know it would be a suicide mission, so they'll nominate some nobody business type to get sacrificed to Anthony  Brown.

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