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View Diary: Scott Walker's scariest opponent is named John Doe; the noose tightens again. Updated (55 comments)

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    plea, it's not a good thing for the higher ups.  In one of my comments above, I noted that the DA said that Walker was not a target "in this case," referring to the case against Rindfleisch, an interesting parsing of words; ie, the DA did not say that Walker wasn't a target "of the John Doe."  

    And of course he's lawyered up and those emails with him in the loop became public.  The fact is that to go after a governor, you have to have an airtight case.  I think that the DA is following the evidence and gathering the pleas pretty meticulously.  It's not certain that Walker will be indicted but nothing positive for him has come out of this last round of developments.

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