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View Diary: White House: "Social Security Is Not A Driver Of the Deficit", Address It Separately (171 comments)

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    It's been the plan from Day One. This is just another attempt to get it past everyone without pissing off everyone. Too cute by half, and you can't fault them for trying. Trying and failing miserably, but hey--here we are.

    2009- The Fiscal Summit crashed and burned because no one wanted to take the hit for messing with the Social Safety Net. Lots of hot air, lots of shot down trial balloons. It was radioactive and everyone knew it. But the neoliberals and corporatists and their oligarch puppet masters were still craving it. They just had to cover the pile of crap with enough air fresheners this time.

    2009- The President asked Congress to come up with an austerity plan based on the Fiscal Summit, and they flat out said, "Uh, nope--we wanna be reelected at some point." Back to the drawing board.

    2010- The Bowles-Simpson Commission (aka Catfood Commission I) crashed and burned because no one in congress wanted to be the one who messed with the Social Safety Net. Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles still came out with their own report, and the corporate media tried to play it off like the commission succeeded, when in reality they couldn't come to any sort of consensus. Thank goodness.

    2011- Debt Ceiling. The President tried the equivalent of trading Blake Griffin to the Republicans for Kwame Brown and a bag of potato chips. Social Security was put on the table...but the newly emboldened Tea Party (read: Republican hard core right wing base) in the House balked and saved the day. It sucked, but at least it didn't suck that bad.

    2011- Super Committee (aka Catfood Commission II) was assembled, and no deal was made--so the sequestration and automatic cuts were on the way, just in time for the end of the Bush/Obama Tax Cuts expiring.

    2012- Fiscal Cliff was announced as the greatest threat to the US since...Regis Philbin retiring from daytime TV. General Electric...err...NBC's flak David Gregory started again with Americans needing to "feel some pain" to get the deficit in order. Every Sunday morning since the general election race began. David Brooks, Peggy Noonan, and other Villagers proclaimed that this needed to be sorted out right now. Fix the Debt (which was basically the No Labels faux independent/centrist assholes reincarnated) came back and hit the road with crazy ideas about screwing us over.

    Fiscal Summitt, Super Committee, Fiscal Cliff...they're all the Grand Bargain in disguise, and the Grand Bargain is nothing but an austerity plan. Austerity doesn't work in an economic downturn. It never has.

    I can't wait for January 1st. We need to get there without a deal.

    The Grand Bargain must be stopped at all costs to protect the 99%.

    by cybrestrike on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 10:20:23 AM PST

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