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  •  It is true that the inhabitants of the Roviet (5+ / 0-)

    Union are abused and unfree. And it is true that outside assistance is necessary to liberate them. We shouldn't expect them to do it on their own because "personal responsibility" or independence is part of the Rovian trick. Getting people to believe that they are all alone is part of the agenda. "Make them feel special" and exceptional, so they won't even think about getting help from outside.
    Those of us on the outside, however, also have a problem as a result of buying into the "personal responsibility" and bootstrap myth. We respect privacy, aka secrecy, without realizing what is going on behind the veil. It really isn't possible for us to stop the abusers until we realize what and who they are. Has it occurred to you, for example (excuse the personal address), that our representatives in Congress are a big part of the problem, using both the law and money, as tools to dole out rewards and punishments at their leisure? Have you wondered how come we are acceding to the imposition of austerity and the deprivation of our human rights on people who done no injury to anyone, other than fail to be compliant with public servants who have become insubordinate? If you have, good. I just realized it recently when I started contemplating what would motivate someone to deprive another of something he doesn't even want for himself. Why punish innocents?
    The answer is power. And power is hard for people who don't lust for it to understand. Sort of like not getting the craving for chocolate, if you don't have it yourself.

    Correctly identifying a problem does not mean we are going to ignore it. It doesn't mean we are going to exploit it, either. That's what the Cons or Rovians are about.

    We organize governments to provide benefits and prevent abuse.

    by hannah on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 04:26:23 AM PST

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