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View Diary: Republicans Can't Make America Think Benghazi Is A Scandal (58 comments)

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  •  They've got to keep the propagandistic "half of (14+ / 0-)

    Americans support us and our policies" going as much as possible to work on re-asserting themselves as a viable alternative in governing.  I think with many of their "crusades" they know that they won't win on the points they present but they're trying to cement the suspicions and uncertainties to build upon whenever  opportunities arise.

    Since I first began working a little over forty years ago and consistently since then I've heard from co-workers, acquaintances, and read from "authorities" how Social Security will never survive long enough for "us working now" to be able to benefit from it.  And of course the same for Medicare starting later on.

    And "socialism," welfare freeloading, and so many others as well as the positive false rightwing Republican cliches about patriotism (nationalism actually), frugality in federal spending, law and order.

    They haven't and won't stop, especially since they've made so much progress since Reagan, since media control, and since enlisting the army of fundamentalists.


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