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View Diary: Republicans Can't Make America Think Benghazi Is A Scandal (58 comments)

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  •  the rabid ones are really foaming (1+ / 0-)
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    at the mouth on this one. and I am appalled at how people lap this turd soup up.

    After the typical ," this is a conspiracy, Obama has murdered our own, Obama does not care about servicemen and women and don't you dare bring up Bush"

    one of them said

    Benghazi Benghazi, It has made me lose all trust in  Obama!!!!

    Me:Be honest with yourself now. You are saying you trusted President Obama BEFORE Benghazi but that  the incident dashed all of your trust in him. Really?

    response ,OK F-you i he is the worst president ever and I hate him and I hate what he has done to this country. If you trust him you are blind and stupid.

    me: well, I don' think you should trust anyone blindly, it is better to evaluate  evaluate them on facts .  Blind trust  may be stupid , yes,  but blind hate is ugly.

    I'd rather be ugly than stupid , hahahahaha,you stupid  obscenity, obscenity, obscenity.

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