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  •  Don't get the champagne out quite yet. (7+ / 0-)
    “I listened to voices from the left, and many of them say, ‘Don’t touch any of the entitlement programs,’ ” Durbin told MSNBC’s "Morning Joe" on Tuesday. “I don’t think that’s a responsible approach.”

    The second-ranking Democratic senator said he wanted to preserve Medicare and Medicaid as programs, but that it was important to find a way to reduce increasing healthcare costs through entitlement reforms.

    •  i will never forget this piece by Glenn Greenwald (5+ / 0-)
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      during the public option/reconciliation fight February 2010;

      This is what the Democratic Party does; it’s who they are.  They’re willing to feign support for anything their voters want just as long as there’s no chance that they can pass it.  They won control of Congress in the 2006 midterm elections by pretending they wanted to compel an end to the Iraq War and Bush surveillance and interrogation abuses because they knew they would not actually do so; and indeed, once they were given the majority, the Democratic-controlled Congress continued to fund the war without conditions, to legalize Bush’s eavesdropping program, and to do nothing to stop Bush’s habeas and interrogation abuses (“Gosh, what can we do?  We just don’t have 60 votes).

      The primary tactic in this game is Villain Rotation.  They always have a handful of Democratic Senators announce that they will be the ones to deviate this time from the ostensible party position and impede success, but the designated Villain constantly shifts, so the Party itself can claim it supports these measures while an always-changing handful of their members invariably prevent it.  One minute, it’s Jay Rockefeller as the Prime Villain leading the way in protecting Bush surveillance programs and demanding telecom immunity; the next minute, it’s Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer joining hands and “breaking with their party” to ensure Michael Mukasey’s confirmation as Attorney General; then it’s Big Bad Joe Lieberman single-handedly blocking Medicare expansion; then it’s Blanche Lincoln and Jim Webb joining with Lindsey Graham to support the de-funding of civilian trials for Terrorists; and now that they can’t blame Lieberman or Ben Nelson any longer on health care (since they don’t need 60 votes), Jay Rockefeller voluntarily returns to the Villain Role, stepping up to put an end to the pretend-movement among Senate Democrats to enact the public option via reconciliation.

      A standing army is like a standing member. It's an excellent assurance of domestic tranquility, but a dangerous temptation to foreign adventure. Elbridge Gerry - Constitutional Convention (1787)

      by No Exit on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 10:31:13 AM PST

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    •  Preserve them "as programs" (0+ / 0-)

      That is the kind of weasel spin that drives me over the edge.  I would rather hear a true believing Tea Party wingnut tell me that he doesn't believe in the programs at all than have a LYING BETRAYING weasel with a "D" after his name try to trick me with spin words so I won't know I've been screwed till after the deal has been cut behind locked doors in the dead of night.

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