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View Diary: Democratic resistance to entitlement cuts appears to grow (126 comments)

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    Let's have a serious examination of all the potential saving and I think we will see that cutting social spending like Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, government pension, (with chained CPI), and education shouldn't even be on the table.  
    Well, yes and no. As discussed, allowing prescription negotiation would be a "cut" to the safety net, but not a cut to the beneficiaries. I do feel the Democrat's goal here is to raise taxes and cuts spending, but to do so in way that protect beneficiaries.

    Obviously the nation's prisons will not expel hundreds of thousands of people during the lame duck session. But that example is a good one to show why Democrats should not fear all spending reductions just because Republicans like them. (Speaking generally, not implying anything towards you.)

    On the marijuana issues specifically, the wind is clearly blowing in the right direction. It will probably take another election cycle in 2014 and a few more Washingtons, but right now it looks like basic economic considerations are pushing marijuana laws towards teh dustbin.

    Well, just to wrap up, I think the Democrats are telling us they understand the basic goals here. Pressuring them on the goal of protecting beneficiaries is good and actually helps them. Any 'grand bargain' deal will be imperfect, of course. But I think we are in position to score an overall win.

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