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View Diary: The GOP/Benghazi/Rice Jihad Continues (111 comments)

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  •  AS has been (16+ / 0-)

    pointed out repeatedly,she couched her whole statement by saying it was based on preliminary info,and not conclusive by any stretch.

    She made it clear that the attack itself was conducted by that what happened,btw?

    So in essence,she said that the attack was by extremists,and that is accurate....
    The fact that there was over 20 demonstrations at US Embassies around the world in that period should not be ignored.
    This epidemic of somewhat violent demonstrations all over the Arab world,and they are supposed to definitively confirm that this one was the exception,immediately? Bullshit.

    You dislike Rice...fine. But do not castigate Rice for simply disseminating the intel that she was given.
    What do you think she should have said?
    Nothing? Stonewalled? What?

    •  We also now know that this is the information (8+ / 0-)

      that the intelligence community wanted reported to the world.

      If McCain and his merry band of stooges want someone to blame about false information being reported to the world about the incident, then blame the intelligence community.

      One thing though, be prepared to answer why you know better than the intelligence community about how best to handle intelligence information and using it to capture or kill terrorists.

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