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View Diary: Republicans Complain About Obama Using Bully Pulpit (121 comments)

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  •  Go do it Obama. Take it to the people and ignore (1+ / 0-)
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    Tennessee Dave

    these GOP loser obstructionists who don't really represent the people and whose only goal was to frustrate you and make you fail.  Tax breaks for the wealthy are obscene and must end.  They have plenty of money and should chip in more to pay down the national debt.  The so called "job creators" will create jobs when people have enough money to buy more of their stuff, not because they are given tax breaks.  The GOP BS is an insult to one's intelligence.  Mitch McConnel - a bag of empty hot air.  The same with the rest of them.  Just brush them aside and do what needs to be done.  The people have spoken.  That is why you are there !

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