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View Diary: Study: Traffic Related Air Pollution = X3 Chance Of Autism (122 comments)

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    Being poor in America is a dangerous condition, more clearly heritable than many genetic disorders. But it involves a collection of conditions too numerous for some newly discovered correlation to prove that one is a cause and the other an effect.
    •  Food deserts for example (2+ / 0-)

      American politics almost always favors action over study, for things it wants fixed, and vice versa for things it doesn't. If I suddenly had the power to improve life for those living near LA freeways, but were allowed no further study time, I might choose to make some use of this report. Not taking it at face value, but seeing what causes might lead to all of the conditions mentioned.

      I might pick the top five plausible causative paths between the two conditions, and fund the cheapest two or three solutions to any combination of them. What might they be, if I were to follow the American imperative of speaking before studying? For causes, I might guess food deserts keeping expectant mothers from feeding themselves properly, limited access to early medical care, lack of exercise opportunities for expectant mothers and young children, stress of multiple jobs and unpredictable work schedules, and lower availability of preschool and enriching day care. For solutions I might let council choose a few items from the menu of better public transport, favorable planning treatment for neighborhood grocers, tree rows between highways and play areas, strong labor protection, and commitment to education at all levels. But I think we knew that already.

      Why is there a Confederate Flag flying in Afghanistan?

      by chimpy on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 02:17:35 PM PST

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