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View Diary: Let's Defend Social Security and Other Entitlements With the Second Bill Of Rights (8 comments)

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    shanesnana, IndyReader, OooSillyMe

    saying entitlements.That is a repub word.I am a black man and I worked for 45 years.Never had food stamps or welfare.My  Social Security is not a hand out.Leave it the f**k alone

    •  Sorry about this (3+ / 0-)
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      OooSillyMe, splashoil, TheMomCat

      But I've paid into SS longer than you; and I still think it's a human right in the US. A human right isn't welfare. It's what we're all due. And I'm going to see to it that my children and grandchildren are going to get their full due, and not be subject to some austerity mongers who insist that the program must be solvent, when the Federal Government has no solvency constraint. NONE. Federal money is money we can make. And we need to start making it and implementing programs to reduce inequality and fulfill economic rights. See this.

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