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View Diary: 'Fix the Debt' goes to the White House, Congress (55 comments)

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  •  I don't even have words, just ..... 1789 (0+ / 0-)

    .... if there were Guillotine companies, I would go LONG on their stock.

    Note to self: Add to the corporate tax reform I push for, that not only must corporations be required to issue 3/4 of quarterly profits as dividends, meaning ALL profit not just that derived in the US, if they don't the penalty is 100% of that quarterly profit.

    Failure to comply is punishable by the Corporate Death Penalty, enforceable outside the United States by the US Air force.

    Dividend tax rate needs to parallel the earned income tax rate, graduated, but treated separately, so $50K earned income and $20K dividend income does NOT tax both at the $70K tax rate, but rather $50K and $20K respectively.

    Notice Carl Rove's operation has a TV ad running, yapping lies about potential dividend tax increases making little old ladies think they are going to get screwed.... push back on all fronts in these matters will be critical. Obama for America needs to turn it's power towards selling the tax restructuring...... the GOOD plan, not the fucking shit Gietner, Summers, Plough, and the other TRAITORS are advising the President to pursue.

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