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  •  ?? CA is gonna be Dem for quite a while. (4+ / 0-)

    Just due to demographics.

    I recently read a good article on this, but can't remember where... I'll post a link if I remember.

    •  Here it is (2+ / 0-)
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      Rolfyboy6, mahakali overdrive
      If preliminary results hold, 2012 will mark the first time in 80 years that either political party in California has enjoyed supermajority control. Republicans everywhere should be paying close attention. Because the demographic trends that led to Obama’s reelection — the increasing diversity of the electorate, the relative liberalism of the youth vote, the declining influence of old white males — made their national debut in California in the late ’80s and early ’90s. The rest of the nation is just catching up.
        •  ?? So if Mississippi's unemployment rate goes (4+ / 0-)

          up 2 points to tie with CA, that state might turn blue? It doesn't work like that.

          Also, why did CA vote more Dems this year if unemployment decided things? By your logic they would have voted them out.

        •  As long as the GOP pisses on Latinos (5+ / 0-)

          CA is going to remain deep blue.

          We also pretty much blame the Rs for everything that is wrong in CA, because it is the R rump that has been blocking all attempts to raise revenue every year for my entire voting lifetime.

          Meanwhile we have a budget crisis every couple years and all that ever seems to happen is essential services and education get cut.  Except prisons.  We always seem to find some funds to build more of those.

          Every once in a while we try a R in the gov slot to see if the Rs in legislature will work to govern for a change, but it always ends in dismal failure (and Pete Wilson can be thanked for demonizing illegal immigrants and giving us an entire generation of very determined Latino voters and pols)

          If we could raise some revenue from the world's 8th largest economy, we could put that nice labor pool to work and maybe restore our education system so the next generation will be skilled workers, instead of the current practice of H1B's at the slightest excuse.

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