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  •  San Francisco has universal healthcare right now (8+ / 0-)

    Don't know if this helps and it is only open to SF residents, BUT.  Healthy SF offers great universal health care to all human residents.

    It is cheap - max $440/qtr., I pay $60/qtr. Sliding scale based upon income.

    It is full coverage - no pre-existing exclusions, no deductibles, $10 co-pays, no limits (annual or lifetime caps), and doctors, not some insurance company (remember single payer), make the care and drug decisions.

    You only must be a resident (yes, that means you could be living in your car or with friends in SF for one day, there is no waiting period) and not have existing insurance coverage (that means ditching Pacific Care). They are happy to sign you up as SF wants everyone to be covered - really.  The website has the docs list you need and you just need one of each and it is very basic stuff.

    Believe me I know from very personal experience what it means to have healthcare after you have been denied by an insurance company (Yeah, for HealthNet) in the middle of your treatment.

    Not to toot SF's horn, but it is important to aware of your healthcare options when you are fighting these battles with the bad guys just to get care.  So Healthy SF is a real and viable option for you.  Keep it in mind.

    •  SF's horn *should* be tooted (4+ / 0-)
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      allie123, jpmassar, elwior, FindingMyVoice

      for this!

    •  Just bear in mind... (2+ / 0-)
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      elfling, allie123

      ... that Healthy SF is NOT health insurance.

      If you leave San Francisco, it doesn't cover you. If you are hiking in the North Bay, and fall and crack your skull, and are taken to a hospital in Sebastopol, you pay the full rate. And as soon as you're not an SF resident you get dropped.

      Also, and this is important at least up through 2014, if you have a condition and you are covered by Healthy SF, and then you need to move or otherwise need to get actual health insurance, you can be denied insurance based on that preexisting condition, or denied coverage of that preexisting condition even if you do get health insurance, because you are not considered to have continuity of insurance.

      Healthy SF is a hell of a lot better than nothing, but it isn't a substitute even for health insurance (as long as it's GOOD health insurance, which seems to be getting rarer these days), let alone a substitute for a good single-payer system.

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