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View Diary: I am So Sick of Republicans (40 comments)

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    1. Select one of your opponent’s positions or proposals.

    2. Imagine some possible result this proposal might have if enacted. Bonus points if – here’s the extrapolating – this result lies at several removes from the proposal’s actual, stated goal.

    3. Now imagine some cost, trade-off or downside which that result might theoretically entail.

    4. Take this distant, hypothetical cost you’ve imagined, present it as a certainty, and declare it to be your opponent’s “plan” or real, though secret, intent.

    It's not mine; I use it by permission. I think it hits all the points quite well.

    Send conservatives to for re-education.

    by filthyLiberalDOTcom on Tue Nov 27, 2012 at 07:34:18 PM PST

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