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View Diary: WH Advisor David Plouffe and Goldman Sachs CEO Agree That Medicare and Medicaid Must be Cut (614 comments)

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    My argument is that I don't understand why we are so gung ho about taxing wealthier income earners but so adamant about not asking wealthier seniors to pay more. I don't want to see Medicare turn into a means-tested program, but I also don't understand why students graduating from college with growing debt loads who can't find jobs should have to pay more in interest in the future while inevitably getting less generous benefits than current seniors so that current seniors who are better off don't have to pay $5 to go to the doctor.

    I never said I want to screw my own grandfather. It's actually the opposite. He is extremely physically healthy for someone his age, and he had never been on any medication until about a year and a half ago, when he became very depressed as my grandmother's health declined. So doctors just kept putting him on more anti-depressants, and they just made him worse. Last week, he overdosed on some of the pills and ended up in the hospital.

    His doctor is happy to see him frequently (she gets paid by Medicare each time she does) but has not put the effort into helping us find the right solution. One "entitlement reform" i would like to see is incentivizing doctors to spend more time with patients instead of just writing prescriptions.

    I am beyond grateful that my grandparents worked hard and saved up so Grandpa can now get the care he needs without having to go bankrupt. But I think he would probably be willing to pay a little bit more for doctor's appointments if it were a choice between that or cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, etc.

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      'if it were a choice between that or cuts to Medicaid, food stamps, etc.' is a false choice. The whole point of the diarist is that this debt hysteria is a scam a perfect example of the shock doctrine. These public social programs are not the problem with the economy. They are disaster capitalist's and they mean to make our public monies theirs.    

      These fiscal cliffs of mass deception are cooked up by the savvy businessmen like Blankfein and his fellow 'rulers of the world' who make their obscene profits off the disasters they create. Jeffery Immelt GE's CEO, this administrations 'job czar' is another example. They don't call it the 'cat food commission' for nothing.

      Why should you accept this fake choice why should any of us? How absurd to say 'we the people' must sacrifice and suffer austerity and endless war to enrich the top 1% who are working hard for the implementation of global oligarchical collectivism. Stop believing in the by-partisan fear that they pump out and for the DC kabuki show they call victories for compromise. This is the first step in prying the vampire squid off humanities face.

      My favorite marching chant from OWS.


                   How to Fix The Deficit
                 End the Wars, Tax the Rich


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