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  •  I garden. (15+ / 0-)

    The official plant hardiness zones are being adjusted. That's climate change.

    "Jersey_Boy" was taken.

    by New Jersey Boy on Wed Nov 28, 2012 at 04:47:44 AM PST

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    •  Exactly (6+ / 0-)

      Ask any gardener. Ask any farmer. They'll tell you the climate is changing. They SEE it. They FEEL it. They KNOW it is.

      They know that things that used to be annuals are now tender perennials. That perennials that used to grow further south now grow fine for them. That bulbs that used to need to be in the ground by Nov. can wait until Christmas. That the snow they used to count on to for insulation might not be there.

      They KNOW.

      •  Cherries (2+ / 0-)
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        cai, Calamity Jean

        I have a cherry tree that used to give copious fruit. If it produces a dozen now, I'm lucky. Don't they need colder winters to fruit well?

        It could be lack of bees, as it does blossom. Also our crabapple tree had been blooming earlier and earlier over the last 10 years.  This year in February.

        Incidentally, the town I live in was an ideal cherry (and apricot) orchard zone until they planted a bunch of houses instead.  But that was 1930-1975.

        Where can I check the USDA zones? I know our Sunset (magazine) zone and I wonder if it changed as well.  Sunset has zones to account for the many microclimates in California.

    •  Me too. And it got so warm (5+ / 0-)
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      kyril, Laconic Lib, Fury, madhaus, cai

      this year in March that the fruit trees and even the grapevines were all in full flower when the April freeze happened. I got nothing from the fruit department. My zone was officially changed to the next warmer one this year by USDA. Indeed, THAT is global warming.

      Deniers like O'Reilly are merely clowns, as almost anyone can look around and see that the climate is changing. It's too obvious to miss. It won't be long before said deniers have to move on over into the "Yeah, the climate's warming but people aren't responsible" camp. That lie is much easier to float awhile longer to the rubes.

      In the meantime, when I talk to the "people aren't responsible" crowd, I usually use the stewardship argument for ending our dependence on fossil fuels. Even if you don't understand or care about the carbon contribution, dirty stinking air, fouled waterways, gross toxic waste, mass extinctions and utter filth bequeathed to our descendants is a sinful thing to participate in during our always too short lifetimes. Fouling our own nest so it's uninhabitable for our children and grandchildren won't get anybody into heaven... We need to stop doing it because it's WRONG. Period.

      That actually sometimes works.

    •  I have seen the maps. (2+ / 0-)
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      kyril, cai

      They'll probably, sadly, be changed again before long.

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