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  •  What a sad, awful situation. (22+ / 0-)

    Sorry you've had to go through it. Your Dad's attitude reminds me a lot of the nuttiest of my hubby's wingnut relatives - who rant and wail constantly about how the evil liberals are so hateful and angry. I've often wished to subtly video them during one of the hateful, angry, red-faced rants just so they could see themselves once they calm down. It's entirely obvious to everyone who's got the hate and anger problem.

    Don't let it get you too down - that's what it's designed to do and you don't have to play his game. Talk to your doctors and technologists and your fellow patients. There's probably some volunteer effort out there that can get you to and from chemo and would love to do so. And who wouldn't spend so much time berating you about bullshit.

    Then you could tell your father that you've made other arrangements, thanks, in order to alleviate stress on yourself. He may not like it, but it'll certainly put an end to his angry harping. Maybe give him reason to start thinking about you instead of himself for a change. Who knows? Maybe he might even begin trying to actually help you and cheer you up instead of bring you down.

    If not, you've lost nothing but the crap he's been dishing out. Best of luck to you.

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