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  •  The Next Time He Complains, Hand Your Dad An (4+ / 0-)

    article about the nasty side effects of chemotherapy - preferably one written by a medical professional.  Tell him to read it, and then get back to you. You can google "side effects of chemotherapy for colon cancer" and pull up lots of good articles. Your dad is one of those people that just can't put themselves in another person's shoes - he lacks empathy.  If the side effects article doesn't work to open his eyes, then I suggest giving your dad some of his own medicine. The next time he is flat on his back with the flu (or some other malady), call him on the phone and complain about how lazy he is to not be up running errands and doing chores around the house. I know sinking to his level is not good, but sometimes karma has a way of enlightening people.

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