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  •  Stage IV Colon Cancer here as well... (3+ / 0-)

    I also have Stage 4 colon cancer, diagnosed back in April.  As soon as I read which drugs you are on and the side effects, I figured it was colon cancer. It sounds like the side effects of the chemo have hit you harder than they hit me. I can not imagine going through this as you are, without constant support from family.

    There are a few thinks that might help.  Other people may have already mentioned all these, but I am swamped with work and do not have time to read all the other comments.

    See if the facility you are being treated at has a social worker you can talk with.  I have found this to be tremendously helpful.  The social worker may be aware of resources and services that can come into your house and help (if you are comfortable with this).  
    I know people that as soon as the get a little depressed, they stop cleaning their house, or they let dishes pile up, until it contributes more to their depression and it looks to big to tackle.  Get help!

    Tell your dad if he so concerned about the state of your house, maybe he could pitch in and hire a cleaning service to come once a week.  They can get a lot done in a few hours.

    Ask your doctor about going on an antidepressent, maybe something easy like prozac.  I am just about the most upbeat person I know, and when I was recently in the hospital for my colon surgery I had complications and my 4-5 day stay turned into 16 days.  one morning I woke up and just lost it emotionally, and sobbed for 4 hours.  This disease brings all sorts of emotions with it. I recently went back on my prozac because I was struggling with the emotional side, not just physical side of my cancer.

    Find out from your treatment facility if they offer rides to/from treatment.  Where I get chemo they offer this service for people that can't get themselves back and forth.  It sounds like it would do you good to go a few weeks without being berated by your father.

    I am so sorry for what you are going through.  I KNOW much of what you are going through.  Draw strength from everyone and every where you can.  

    Good luck

    •  {{{{MassHarry}}}} (1+ / 0-)
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      Glad you made it through what sounds to have been a terrible ordeal.

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