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View Diary: Racist couch: Barack light brown..OUTRAGEOUS ! (17 comments)

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  •  and it gets even more absurd (5+ / 0-)
    "...the metal legs give dependable stability..."
    I don't know, for some reason, it's not as insulting as this.

    I mean, seriously, black folks are still commodities, I suppose

    •  I'm just going to guess that it's stupidity (0+ / 0-)

      rather than racism, only because a small business owner, like I'm guessing Mohammad Jabbar probably is, wouldn't do anything that would cause his business to go under.

      The owner said that he named the store like that because he likes Obama. People usually call their stores things that they think will attract customers. I'm going to chalk this up to stupidity until the guy says or does something else that's racist.

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