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  •  Bugs fascinate me (17+ / 0-)

    from the ant to the grasshopper.  The lady bug was a (s)hero for our cherry tree.  But my biggest fascination is the arachnid group.  I spent time in the Sudan and the camel spiders were just plain awesome.  I grew up with black widows in the wood piles, saw tarantulas in the CA desert, and my sister still carries the scar of the bite of a brown recluse.  Speaking of the camel spider in the Sudan, I remember sitting and drinking tea in the kitchen of our house when something caught my eye.  Something scurried under the stove and I thought RAT!  I grabbed the broom and started poking under and behind the stove, and a HUGE
    spider ran out from under the stove.  It was as big as my hand and actually turned and jumped at the broom.  After I came down from the chair, I ended up sweeping the spider out the door (no I didn't kill it).  I absolutely won't kill a spider if I can help it, but sometimes it does become necessary.

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