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  •  speaking of spiders, many charts on the internet (12+ / 0-)

    say that the black widow and especially the brown recluse are not in New England. I just want to put out a warning that I have seen both of them here in south central NH, and that the recluse has been here over 30 years since I was a kid at Girl Scout camp in VT.
         A few years ago I was bitten on the cheek by a brown recluse and I still think of that as the year my face fell off. Melted like a chemical burn, even worse than poison ivy (which I am also very sensitive to.) Also, for the whole first week after the bite I just felt like I had been sedated and wanted to get horizontal and go to sleep. I can imagine how what I had could kill a small child.

    •  Brown recluse bites are pretty icky (11+ / 0-)

      my sister still carries the scar on her wrist from over 20 years ago.  I've never seen (that I know) the brown recluse in person.  I've seen several black widows, they are pretty distinctive and they don't seem very aggressive, whereas the brown recluse can be overlooked as "just another spider".  

    •  I found a brown recluse once (7+ / 0-)

      I was driving across the country and had trouble finding a hotel with a vacancy in Lawrence, Kansas. I finally got a room, but then I found a spider in a web behind the curtain in the window when I went to try to open the window, which I guess most people don't bother to do. I had my laptop along and identified it as a brown recluse, with the telltale marking, color, and shape. I killed it and flushed it.

      Then I was faced with the dilemma: Was I better off staying in that room or asking for a different room, where another one could be lurking? I decided to stay put, as I saw online that they are usually solitary, and I had already found and killed the brown recluse in that room. I checked under the bed and around the room thoroughly, and before I got in bed, I made sure none of my blankets or sheets were touching the floor.

      Later I was watching an episode of the show "Infested" on Animal Planet where a house had hundreds of brown recluse spiders inside the wall for every one the people saw. Yikes! I'm happy I survived that night unbitten.

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