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View Diary: Without naming names, Reid tells McCain, et al., to give it a rest in Benghazi affair. Again (183 comments)

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  •  I for one do not want (2+ / 0-)
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    ActivistGuy, Karl Rover

    John Kerry as Secretary of State.
    I do not trust Kerry to have the commitment and judgment to serve as SOS.
    That is not how I felt when he spoke for Vietnam Veterans against the war back in the seventies. It is not how I felt when he ran the committee to investigate the corruption in our government during the war in El Salvador and he tried to get to the bottom of the right wing death squads and their connection to right wing officials in this country. I knew who he was back then.
    Maybe I'm being harsh here but I feel that when he was the Democratic nominee for President he had lost all his fight.
    Now is the time that we need Susan Rice because I honestly believe, even though I have no evidence or proof that she understands and will work with the Arab Spring and the youth movements springing up around the world that have a chance to bring more just governments around the world instead of the "reliable" dictatorships that the likes of Cheney/Rumsfeld and the Big Oil can push around at the expense of the lives of ordinary people.

    I think I believe this because Susan Rice and the human rights woman with the red hair from Harvard were on the non violent side recently opposing the hawks in the administration on some foreign affair that escapes me right now.

    I think Kerry would be better in Defense but BEST OF ALL KEEPING HIS REAL JOB OF Senator from Massachusetts.
    WE DO NOT NEED WALL STREETS FAVORITE SCOTT BROWN back in the Senate f…..g things up there.

    Finally people have gotten sick and tired of being had and taken for idiots. Mikhail Gorbachev

    by eve on Wed Nov 28, 2012 at 11:35:11 AM PST

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