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View Diary: Rick Warren: Same-sex attraction is like violent impulses and 'arsenic' (235 comments)

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  •  Yep, the deep abiding love I have for my (7+ / 0-)

    partner is nothing more than an "impulse" that I should not act upon because, God forbid, Rick MegaBigot Warren might have to feel all icky and stuff thinking about the gays and arsenic, or something. Yep, we should just all love one another and be respectful of one another and disagree amicably...but when something that is a natural variation of human sexuality leads to love - ignore it, it'll go away like a bad hangover. And just because RickMegaBigot Warren seems to be able to control his attractions for other women besides his wife, then by-golly I need to just stfu and strap on my chasity belt. Fuck Rick Warren.

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