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View Diary: With strategists this delusional, it's no wonder Romney lost (236 comments)

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  •  i read that article (14+ / 0-)

    was like seriously?  wow, the stupid, keep it up.

    as the president would say, please proceed.

    they are in a bubble.  Romney was a terrible candidate.  

    How do I know?  He stopped talking to the media and doing the appearances that a popular person would do.

    That's not a good candidate.  A good one goes on every tv program that will have them if schedule permits.

    A good one goes on SNL to poke fun at themselves.  A good one inspires people.  Their bad candidate only had not Obama going for him.  

    He is mormon in an evangelical christian political party that has differing views on the lord.  BAD CANDIDATE!

    He is a vulture capitalist with swiss bank accounts.  


    -You want to change the system, run for office.

    by Deep Texan on Wed Nov 28, 2012 at 11:28:42 AM PST

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