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View Diary: Needed Reform For The U.S. Senate (95 comments)

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  •  Abolish it (8+ / 0-)

    I have been urging my Senators, Wyden and Merkley, to abolish the filibuster. I like the Constitutional approach, the Vice President votes to break ties. Article I, Section 3.

    End of debate.

    I like the idea of letting everyone have their opportunity to fully share their views with a governing body without being shut down by a majority vote, but then the vote is taken. The idea that the minority can stop the majority from even debating an issue, much less vote on it is absurd.

    The Republicons have determined that they will need to obstruct all constructive actions to run our country so that they can point a finger at the Dems and accuse them of being incompetent. They will use that position to replace Dems in Congress. They are already doing it again.

    Why would you guys allow that to continue?

    Pure self interest in getting something done to justify reelection should dictate an complete end to the filibuster.

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