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  •  I don't know how to say this nicely (0+ / 0-)

    but it's important to me.

    What is the point of a diary on KOS about something that everybody here already knows?

    As a New Yorker, but more importantly as an American, I have to say I've been disappointed with you as a Senator. Don't get me wrong, you seem decent enough as a person - more than that, you were a formidable congressperson - but the misappropriation of representation that the Senate creates requires that a Senator from New York has to, unfortunately, be more than just okay, you have to be a juggernaut.
    Think about it: nationally, people like Tom Barrasso - who represents 500,000 - gets more national exposure than you, who represents 20,000,000. While he lies and attempts to sabotage Susan Rice you have nothing to say?
    You've got to get out there and battle more. The airwaves are inundated with lunatics who have, as I said, disproportionate heft. You have to be much more aggressive. Look at Chuck. He knows the importance of his role. When we had he and Clinton.. those were the days! Boxer knows her responsibility, even Feinstein, though she hews to the "center" inexplicably, knows that she has an out-sized responsibility to live up to. Bill Nelson? Even FOX viewers know and hate him. He's a juggernaut. I just don't think you get what your job entails. You play it too safe. This diary itself is proof of it because, you're here preaching to the choir! Guess what: everybody here is well aware that we need filibuster reform circa 4 years ago! You're gonna get a lot of recommends but that's not, ultimately, effective. Get out there and punch back on McCain and co. Teach Scarborough an his gang some lessons. Go on FOX and expose the stupid to some truth. I would never imply it's easy, but "Senator from the great state of New York" is no place for a wallflower.

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