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  •  So many lately (18+ / 0-)

    With so many people out of work lately, I've noticed many more standing with signs the past few years. And I've also noticed I've gotten more jaded about them. I used to give every one of them that I encountered $1 if I could, or at least some pocket change. But my own financial situation got really bad the past few years, and there were so many more people on the streets needing help that I started mostly avoiding them.

    But recently one young, friendly looking guy by the side of the road had the best sign ever, which said, "Thanks for whatever you can give, even if it's only a smile!" And he had a nice big smile for each of us driving by, whether or not we gave him any money. That sign and smile got me to stop and give him $5, and now that I've been getting more work again, I'm trying to get back to helping out as many others as I can.

    Yesterday I had another nice encounter where a guy in his early 30s or so came up to me outside the grocery store and asked if I had any spare change. He said a lady had bought him a can of stew, but he didn't have any way to eat it (no can opener, maybe?) and wondered if I could help so he could get something he could actually eat. I was struggling to get some stuck carts apart, and I asked if he could help me, which he did. So then I handed HIM a $5 bill and said, "Thanks for the help and Merry Christmas!" He looked so shocked and almost in tears, and he thanked me over and over again. Is $5 that unheard of? Well, it's more than I can give ordinarily, but in these two cases I felt like giving that much.

    •  There was a fellow who was missing a foot (7+ / 0-)

      and he had a sign that said "Beam me up Scotty, and don't forget my foot!" It cracked me up so I gave him something. For several months I would give him a bit a couple times a week and we would talk and joke. (It was a long light.) He was fitted for a new prosthetic and I only saw him a couple more times after that. I'm hoping the new foot helped him get work and that is why I haven't seen him again. I refuse to believe anything else.

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