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  •  What a Great Idea Post, Thank You (11+ / 0-)

    PB & raisins
    (I'm 61)
    My first "guru" was my, be boppa doopa scoopa  apa dappa'in, beatnik, then hippie, then as always well read, 2nd cousin.
    I am still a hippie.
    In mmy younger days… I ask for spare change.
    My beatnik cousin said to me one day,
    "Never feel guilty begging for spare change. A person may be having a terrible day, be in a bad mood, give someone in need a quarter and it may change their day. For a quarter you might make a difference in someone's day."
    For someone who can afford to & has done the $5.00. $10.00 or $20.00. Thinking back on it, the "hope" that it inspired in me. Hard to put into words.
    Interesting when you think. I was involved for a little while here in L.A. with Occupy.
    I am an Occupier, at whatever level. It is & was a transformation :)

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